Published: September 8, 2010

We have now opened a new webshop.
We are now also selling digital download of both albums, in lossless audio,FLAC format (inc.booklet in PDF format)
and single songs in high quality Mp3.
Since we last week got over 1000 members on our Facebook website, we offer you a
previously unreleased EVIG NATT song for free at our webshop.

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"Darkland" Reviews
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"I Am Silence" Reviews

Streetswebzine - 9/10
"..."I Am Silence" has become an excellent album with great songs and fantastic atmosphere. If youre looking for atmospheric and beautiful doom of the more up-tempo kind "I Am Silence" is highly recommended. A very positive surprise indeed"

Meta- 8/10
" of the best Gothic Metal albums of the year 2007 so far"

"...Evig Natt is an unexpected surprise which has released a superb strong emotional album!!"

Encyclopaedia Metallum - 95/100
"This is true a genre defying release and I hope more people will give it a listen"

MetalMessage - 9/10 german... - 9/10 german...

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